100 % All Natural, Natural Deodorant Stone Pure , Natural Crystal Deodorant

Ayate Washcloth Products

  Which credit cards do you accept?

For the skeptical and the curious. A great way to try the product without spending big bucks. Also great for travel. Lasts over 3 months.

  Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can, as long as the products have not been shipped. Upon receipt of your package, if your products are damaged or defective please contact us immediately.

  I canceled my order but I haven't received a credit yet. How long do credits take?

We submit all requests for credits within 24 hours of receipt; however, it may take 7-10 business days for you to receive your credit. You should see this on your next credit card statement or the following one, depending on where you are in your billing cycle.

  Can I return an item that is damaged, defective?

Yes, you can return damaged or defective items within two weeks of placing your order. Please ship the products and invoice back to DSA and request full credit to your credit card.

Merchandise returned without authorization will be refused, and the carrier will charge you freight in both directions. To avoid a restocking charge, please return your merchandise in the original box and packing materials.

  How long will it take to receive my order?

The standard shipping time for orders shipped via UPS ground is 5-10 days.

  Can I have an order shipped to my P.O. Box?

No. The vast majority of our merchandise is shipped via UPS, and a valid street address is needed to ensure proper delivery.

  Can I ship my order to a different address?

Yes! When you place your order and come to the Check Out screen, just replace your address with the address you want to ship your merchandise to, then continue. Remember to use a street address, not a Post Office Box, for any shipping address.

  How are shipping charges calculated?

Normally shipping charges are $5.95. Large orders will be slightly higher, the adjusted amount will be calculated and the additional shipping cost will be added to your total cost. Additionally, any order placed over $40.00, the shipping is free. These shipping rates apply to consumers only and Wholesalers and Distributors should call for orders and rates.

All products are shipped via UPS (because they offer package insurance and excellent tracking software).

  What is Alum? Is it the same as Aluminum?

Alum is a salt. Aluminum is a mineral. Alum is taken from Bauxite ore. Alum is in no way harmful to your body. Aluminum has been suspected, although not proven, to be harmful. There is absolutely no Aluminum Chlorohydrate in our deodorants. In fact our products are so safe they are used in the purification of water in some countries.

  How do I use the product?

It is best to use immediately after bathing while the body is still damp. But if body is dry, then simply wet the stone and apply directly in the area where odor occurs. Then rinse thoroughly.

  When will I know when my stone is no longer working?

As long as you rinse the stone and keep it clean, your stone will always be effective. Think of the stone like a bar of soap. A little of the surface wears off after using it each time. The stone, like the soap will continue to get smaller until it simply disappears.

  Is it okay to work on other parts of the body?

Sure, works great on feet and any parts of the body where odor might be a problem.